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"I was referred to Dr. Chldrian's office & had such a great experience under his care after my accident. He made the process seamless & thoroughly explained every step to me. He was so meticulous with his approach & his staff were very welcoming as well. It was my first experience with a chiropractor, so I was a little scared at first , but my back feels so much better now & I'm very happy with my decision. Thanks for taking care of me, Dr. C!"    

 ~ Natalie Abrahamian

"I have been to a few chiropractors in the past a few years ago to help with my back pain and they were okay. After I got into a car accident I discovered Dr. Ruben recently. The before and after in my back pain was absolutely phenomenal. Even after my car addident I continued to see Dr.Ruben because he was so amazing. I always feel welcomed every time I go, and the entire staff remembers my name and it's nothing but a positive experience. I definitely recommend dr. Ruben to everyone I know"  

 ~ Victoria Cambel

"The first time I saw Dr Ruben, I couldn't even walk normally.. After a few adjustments and instructions on proper form and movement had me back in the gym .. Now I see Dr Ruben atleast every other week and it feels awesome.. Thanks for all the help, couldn't lift without you lol"

 ~ Allen Semerjian

"I have issues with my lower back and a friend recommended that I go see Dr. Ruben. He listened to the problems I was having and adjusted me accordingly. It was also great to have a conversation about surrounding factors such as proper exercise and nutrition. He really takes time which is much more than I can say about some of the other chiropractors I've seen. I highly recommend Dr. Ruben and am confident he will be the only chiropractor you will see."

 ~ Alina Kontarev

"I've had TMJ for many years and have tried several "remedies" that just haven't helped at all.  Then I meet Dr. Ruben and in just a few sessions, my headaches are virtually gone and the clicking has improved dramatically.  Dr. Ruben is really a great doctor as he listens to your concerns and explains everything he's about to do and why he's doing it.  He has worked out many knots in my face and neck muscles relieving the pain and tension that I had just gotten used to always having.  He's also given me exercises to do at home and great advice like getting a stand to keep my laptop at eye level so I can stop putting unnecessary" pressure on my neck and jaw.  I highly recommend him!"

 ~ Tina Karras

"I've been meaning to write a review here for a bit. Dr. Ruben is outstanding! I was having neck and lower back pains several months, I called for an appointment after a colleague recommend Dr. Ruben. The front office was very nice and accommodating. I was able to get an appointment the same week. After a few office visits my pains went away, and now I am making monthly visits for proper maintenance. Go see Dr. Ruben for results and correct diagnosis. He's a really nice guy as well!"

 ~ Sylvia Echuryan

"Dr.Ruben is literally saving my spine! I came in here for the first time a few weeks ago with horrible upper neck pain, shoulder pain, mid and lower back pain. Not to mention I have TMJ, which he is also treating me for! With just one visit, Dr. Ruben was able to point out all my trouble areas and put together my treatment plan. I really like that he curtails the treatments around me and what my spine needs. It's not a routine that he follows. He always remembers what we worked on last, what we need to do next. He's very cautious in his work, and extremely effective! I freak out when he is going to adjust my neck, he reassured me, never gets irritated or short with me. Sorry Dr. Ruben! He's patient, explains what he is doing and why. All in all I've had a great experience and look forward to my Saturday mornings now!"

 ~ Arpi Galstyan

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