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Dr. Ruben Chldryan    

A native to Southern California Dr. Ruben Chldryan attended the prestigious Southern California University of Health and Sciences in Los Angeles, California where he earned his Doctorates in Chiropractic. Before that he received his Bachelors in Biology from California State University Northridge and then proceeded on to his second in Human Physiology from Cleveland Chiropractic College. After graduation he immediately began running a successful wellness center in Studio City treating patients with a wide range of concerns. From mild to chronic pain in addition to those with extensive injuries.

Combining a passion for fitness, nutrition, physiotherapy modalities, and Chiropractic care, Dr. Chldryan views each patient as an individual. Knowing that each body requires a different approach in technique. He recognizes the important relationship between bodies structure and function.

Dr. Chldryan works closely with medical doctors, orthopedists, nutritionist and physical therapists in order to stay in close communication with each patients' health and wellness practitioners. By achieving this each patient has a personalized treatment plan so that there can be a reduction of medication and surgical intervention.

Dr. Chldryan believes in treating the body as a whole and not just what ails you. He thoroughly enjoys helping his patients achieve a healthier lifestyle through being more active, eating a nutritious diet, and having their bodies function properly and back to their peak performance with Chiropractic care.

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